We advise, plan, print and train you in the field of UV printing, waterless offset printing is our specialty.

Here we have about three decades of know-how.

- Experience can not be replaced by experience!

- We are the specialist among the professionals!

- Problems are there to be solved!

Turn the lights from red to green for new ideas, new processes and new markets.

To gain new competence requires courage to conquer new land!

Druck & Beratung
Detlef Braun

Lahnstraße 31
D-45478 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Phone +49 (0)208 5944 8210

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For all printing machines that work with anilox rollers!

Just when the anilox roller has its full draw volume, you can print with the best quality!

A product of the practice for the practitioner!

Due to the pressure control element H-3/10 and its triangular geometry, the tear-off forces (Quick Release) are positively influenced by the rubber blanket.

... your experienced and serious partner for:

+ Plastic card printing
+ Security printing on plastic materials
+ International Consulting and Management